Working in the real estate profession offers the opportunity to meet a wide range of Clients while carrying out a variety of different tasks and commitments. It can be very satisfying to assist people with important decisions such as buying, selling or investment in a property.
It takes a special person to work in real estate. Following are the Key Attributes to be a team member of Soleil:

  • High commitment levels to the clients.
  • Confidence
  • Belief in Business Ethics
  • Team working
  • Consistency and dedication to serve the client, the best.

Our belief is that as an individual one has limited scope for expansion, but as a team of like minded people the scope of any business to be a success story is just a matter of time and efforts.

The Duties Of A Sales Person Include:
  • Appraising properties
  • Obtaining listings of properties for sale
  • Marketing the property
  • Seeking out and introducing buyers
  • Offering advice on current market conditions
  • Arranging and overseeing inspections
  • Negotiating the sale
  • Liaising with legal representatives.
  • Ethical, transparent and fair to all parties.